Lid worden

(English below)

Klik op AANMELDEN en vul het formulier in om je aan te melden als lid.
Attentie: voor pupillen (geboortejaar 2013-2017) geldt op dit moment een wachtlijst, neem eventueel contact op met Bieneke Bauling.

Klik op AFMELDEN voor het opzeggen van je lidmaatschap.

Voor wijzigingen stuur een mail naar

Eindhoven Atletiek gaat zorgvuldig om met je persoonsgegevens.
Op alle informatie die je ons verstrekt is de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming van toepassing.

Je kunt ook schrijven naar de ledenadministratie. Het postadres is:

Eindhoven Atletiek
t.a.v. Ledenadministratie
Postbus 1171
5602 BD  Eindhoven 

Become a member

To become a member, you can click here and fill in the form. The form is currently still only available in Dutch; at the end of this page you find instructions on how to fill out this form. You can also ask a member or friend for some help, or for example use Google translate. Please note: for pupils (birth year 2013 – 2017) there is currently a waiting list, you can contact Bieneke Bauling.

Do you want to end your membership? To do so you can send us an email, and include your first name, last name, birth year, federation number, and reason.

For any amendments you can send an email to

Eindhoven Atletiek handles your personal details with care. The General Data Protection Regulation is applicable to all information you provide us with.

You can also write the member administration, the postal adress is:

Eindhoven Atletiek
t.a.v. Ledenadministratie
Postbus 1171
5602 BD  Eindhoven 

English step-by-step guide to filling out the membership form:

  • Fill out at least the mandatory blocks indicated by “*”.
  • Fill out your name: “Achternaam” = Last name. Fill out “Tussenvoegsel” if your last name consists of two parts, such as “van” in “van Bommel”. Voornaam = First name. Voorletters = Initials.
  • Fill out your birth date (“Geboortedatum”) and gender (“Vrouw” = Female, “Man” = Male)
  • Fill out your adress: “Land” = Country. “Postcode” = Postal code. “Huisnummer” = House number. The form will automatically fill out street and city.
  • Fill out your bank information: “IBAN nr.”= IBAN number. Fill out the name corresponding to the account at “T.n.v.”.
  • Non-mandatory fields: “Telefoon” = Telephone number, “Mobiel”= Mobile phone number. E-mail. “Pasfoto”= photo of new member.
  • “Vragen” is the questions section, translated: “Agreement direct debit:
    • Herewith I authorize Eindhoven Atletiek to send continual collection orders to my bank to deduct an amount of the above IBAN by reason of the yearly contribution and if indicated other club contributions.
    • If the member is younger than 18 years, the member declares their parent/guardian agrees with the above agreement.
    • Signature member/parent/guardian. Please fill in your name, which will be regarded as a signature.”
  • “Extra vragen” means additional questions:
    • “Soort lid?” = Type of member? You can choose between “Jeugdlid” = Youth member, “Wedstrijdlid senior” = Adult competition member, “Wandelaar” = Walker, “Recreant” = Recreational member, “Medewerker” = Employee.
  • Non-mandatory fields: “Beroep/Hobby” = Profession/Hobby, “U mag mij benaderen voor incidentele ondersteuning van de vereniging” = You may approach me for incidental support of the club, “Lichamelijke klachten” = Physical complaints.
  • “Algemene voorwaarden” = Terms and conditions. By checking this box you indicate you agree with the terms and conditions
  • “Persoonsgegevens” = Personal details. Your details will not be shared with third parties for commercial use. They are only shared when you consent to it prior. However, if necessary, relevant details will be shared with third parties required for membership-related affairs. Before entering into this membership agreement to this is required (check the box below).
  • “Privacy instellingen” = Privacy settings. Agreement privacy statement. What and how data of members is standardly displayed, is recorded in the regulations of the club. More privacy? Indicate your desired privacy level below and what details you do not want to be visible.
    • “Openbaar” = Public. Your personal details are visible when the club shows personal details publicly.
    • “Ingelogde bezoekers” = Logged-in visitors. Your personal details are only visible for logged-in members/volunteers.
    • “Ingelogde groepsleden” = Logged-in group members. Your personal details are only visible for logged-in members/volunteers of groups in which you participate (e.g. teams and classes).
    • “Gebruikers” = Users. Your personal details are only visible for officials with access to the administration.
  • “Overige privacy instellingen” = Additional privacy settings.
    • “Geboortedatum niet tonen” = Do not show birth date
    • “Pasfoto niet tonen” = Do not show my personal photograph
    • “E-mailadres niet tonen” = Do not show my email address
    • “Telefoonnummers niet tonen” = Do not show my phone numbers
    • “Adres niet tonen” = Do not show my address
    • “Geen beeldmaterial gebruiken” = Do not use my imagery
    • “Blokkeer commerciële berichten” = Block commercial messages. You do not receive any messages of which the sender indicates they contain commercial contents.
    • “Clubblad/Nieuwsbrief” = Club magazine/Newsletter. Take care: if you do not check this box, you will not receive relevant club information and you indicate you are responsible for gathering information directly of interest to you as a club member.
  • “Opmerking” = Comment
  • “Versturen” = Send