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Eef Kamerbeek Athletics Centre

The name “Eef Kamerbeek Athletics Center” is taken from the decathlete Eef Kamerbeek, who passed away in 2008.

Who was Eef Kamerbeek?

Eef Kamerbeek (Eindhoven, 17 March 1934 – 26 August 2008) was a Dutch athlete. He became famous as a successful decathlete. He was an eleven times champion in this event; in addition, he also excelled in the throwing events and the hurdles. He participated in the Olympic Games twice.


Eindhoven Atletiek strives towards Sports for a Lifetime and therefore offers training for all age groups at various levels, from recreational to top-class sports.  Starting from the age of 6, children can join as a pupil and then continue up to junior level as they turn 12. In the junior level, they can participate in diverse disciplines, namely sprinting, jumping, throwing and running events. Pupils and juniors participate in team competitions as well as track and field events in the summer.  During winter they can compete indoors and in cross country runs.

Eindhoven Atletiek offers specialization training from the juniors B age and up. The specialization training includes all types of sprints, jumping, throwing, and running disciplines in athletics. Juniors, seniors, and masters regularly train together in these groups. In this way, the young people learn not only from the trainer but also from fellow athletes. Athletes from all these age groups participate in individual competitions as well as club competitions and team relay races.

In addition to competitive athletics, Eindhoven Atletiek has a wide range of training for recreational runners at many levels.  This is offered daily. These include start-up programs like Start to Finish, regular training groups, and groups focused on the most important road event in Eindhoven: the marathon (and 10 km and half marathon) on the second Tuesday of October.

Eindhoven Atletiek also offers a wide variety of walking training groups. It goes without saying that in these groups the average age is the highest.

And last-but-not-least, Eindhoven Atletiek offers various training courses for people with disabilities, such as for mentally disabled athletes and prosthetic runners.


You can become a member of our club in the following way:
Click on APPLY  and fill in the form to apply for membership.

Attention: for pupils (birth year 2011-2015) there is currently a waiting list, please contact Bieneke Bauling .
Click on CANCEL  to cancel your membership.

If you need to make any kind of changes to your membership, please send an email to ledenadmin@eindhovenatletiek.nl

Eindhoven Atletiek will handle your personal data with care.
The information that you provide to us is subject to the Data Protection Act.
You can also write to the membership administration. The postal address is:

Eindhoven Athletics
Attn: Membership Administration
P.O. Box 1171
5602 BD Eindhoven


Each member of Eindhoven Atletiek is also a member of the Atletiekunie. The Atletiekunie has a yearly contribution; the contribution of Eindhoven Atletiek is quarterly.

Contribution amounts 2022

CategoryContribution Atletiekunie (Per year)Competition License Atletiekunie (Per year)Eindhoven Athletics (Per quarter)  
Ienimini€ 16.25N.A.€ 27,50
Mini pupils€ 16.25N.A.€ 38.50
Pupils€ 16.25€ 8.80€ 38.50
Juniors€ 17.15€ 15.65  € 45.00  
Seniors and masters€ 18.55€ 25.05  € 65.00  
Recreational athletes€ 18.55N.A.€ 46.00  
Walkers€ 18,55N.A.€ 33.00  

(Juniors A-B-C-D and Pupils A-B-C have a compulsory competition license).

Additional costs:

  • A one-time administration fee (Atletiekunie) of €8.00 will be charged from the new members.
  • Transfer costs for existing members of the Atletiekunie is € 10.95


The contribution will be collected exclusively by Eindhoven Atletiek by means of direct debit to the following bank account:
Rabobank NL18RABO0115243976.
You will receive a quarterly overview via e-mail of the amounts retrieved.

Category classification 2021

The year of birth determines the age category in athletics. The only exception are the masters, (formerly known as “veteran”), who move up on their birthday.

The categories are adjusted on November 1st for the various competitions, such that everyone competes in the same category throughout the entire indoor and outdoor season. The adjustment of the training schedule at Eindhoven Atletiek usually takes place at the end of the autumn vacations.

In the table below you will find the overview of the current categories per year of birth:

Teeny tiny2016 and younger
Mini pupil2015
Pupil C2014
Pupil B2013
Pupil A2012, 2011
Junior D2010, 2009
Junior C2008, 2007
Junior B (U18)2006, 2005
Junior A (U20)2004, 2003
Senior2002 and prior to 2002
Master35 years and above


Below is the schedule of training sessions. Please also visit https://www.eindhovenatletiek.nl/2020/05/17/trainingsupdate/ for further details.

1. Youth training

Training sessions for pupils

In the table below you’ll find an overview of the training times for the youngest members.

Tuesday18:00-19:00Athletic trackPupil A/B/C and MiniGeneral athletic training with a focus on throwing, jumping, sprinting and running
Thursday18:00-19:00Athletic trackPupil A/B/C and MiniGeneral athletic training with a focus on throwing, jumping, sprinting and running
Saturday10:45- 12:00Athletic trackPupil ATraining for advanced pupils (in consultation with trainers)
Saturday10:30-11:30Park (departing from the track)Pupil A/B/CPlayful running training off the track

 Training for juniors

Training sessions become more specific regarding various events from junior D onwards. Older juniors (C and up) are encouraged, in addition to the general training sessions (in which the various events are covered in rotation), to attend specialization training sessions on their discipline(s) of choice.

These are the specific training sessions for the juniors.

Monday18:00-19:30Athletic trackJunior B/C/DGeneral athletic training
Tuesday18:00-19:30Athletic trackJunior DGeneral athletic training
Tuesday19:00-20:30Athletic trackJunior A/B/CShot put
Tuesday19:00-20:30Athletic trackJunior A/B/CMiddle & long distance training (Mila)
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJunior A/BSprint training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJunior B/CGeneral athletic training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJunior B/CHurdles training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJunior A/B/CJavelin Throw
Thursday18:00-19:30Athletic trackJunior DGeneral athletic training
Thursday19:15-20:30Athletic trackJunior A/B/CShot put & Discus throw
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJunior A/BSprint Training
Thursday19:00-20:30Athletic trackJunior A/B/CMiddle & long distance training (Mila)
Saturday10:45-12:00Athletic trackJunior A/B/C/DVarious trainings
Saturday    10:30-12:00Depart from the trackJunior A/B/C/DRunning training in park and forest

2. Training specialization groups

Starting from the B-juniors, the athletes train mostly in specialization groups. C-juniors are also encouraged to join these groups. You can see the training sessions here below of the various competition groups.

Technical training

Monday18:00-19:45Athletic trackHurdles for advanced group
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackHigh Jump
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackPole vault
Tuesday19:00-21:30Athletic trackHammer throw
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackJavelin throw
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic trackShot put & Discus throw
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic trackLong Jump
Sunday10:00-12:00Athletic trackHammer throw

Sprint training

Eindhoven Atletiek has several sprint groups. The groups often warm up together in varying combinations and then split between e.g. short sprint (60/100) and long sprint (200/400). Below is a brief overview of the training sessions.

Monday15:30-17:30Athletic trackShort & Long sprint
Tuesday15:30-17:30Athletic trackShort & Long sprint
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackGeneral Sprint (Arjan Timmers)
Thursday15:30-17:30Athletic trackLong Sprint
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic trackGeneral Sprint (Arjan Timmers)
Saturday10:45 -1230Athletic trackLong Sprint (Luc van Agt)
Saturday11:00-12:15Athletic trackShort Sprint (Erwin Mortier)

Running training

There are several training groups at Eindhoven Atletiek that focus on the middle long (mila) distances (400 or 800m to 5000m) and long distances (5km to marathon), from youth (CD juniors) to masters.

Below is a brief overview of the training sessions.

Tuesday19:00-20:30Diverse locations in and around EindhovenInterval & endurance training
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic trackMila A-juniors & seniors from 800 m
Tuesday20:15-21:45Athletic trackInterval training
Wednesday19:15- 20:45  Athletic trackInterval Training
Thursday17:30-19:00Various locationsInterval & endurance training
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic trackMila BCD juniors
Thursday20:15-21:45Athletic trackInterval training
Saturday10:00-12:00Diverse locations in and around EindhovenLong distance run (fartlek training)
Saturday10:30-12:00From the Athletic trackForest training ABCD juniors
SundayAt various timesVarious locationsLong distance run

3. Recreational running training

Eindhoven Atletiek offers daily recreational running training, both on weekdays and weekends, both in the morning (daily) and in the early evening (Monday to Thursday).

Here below is an overview of the training sessions.

Running sessions in the morning

On weekdays there is a training every morning starting at 9:30.

Monday9:30-10:30Recreational running trainingKees van der Put or Robert sanchez
Tuesday9:30-10:30Recreational running training on trackTon Jacquot
Wednesday9:30-10:30Recreational running trainingAn Rindt or Niekol Dols
Thursday9:30-10:30Recreational running training from the trackBert Jansen
Thursday9:30-10:30Recreational running training on trackTon Jacquot
Friday9:30-10:30Recreational running trainingWil Rindt or Kees van der Put

Running sessions in the evening

The running sessions in the evening starts mostly from the sports park (subject to exceptions). However, the starting times are sometimes adjusted to avoid crowding and overlap with other groups.

Monday19:00-20:00Extensive Interval trainingBen van der Plas  
Monday19:00-20:30Fartlek starting Ad Peeters
Tuesday19:00-20:00Group 8Sandra Maatsen  
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 8,5Hans den Ouden en Theo Wijsman  
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 9Margot Adriaans
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 9,5Erik Scherpbier en Rob van Dommelen
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 10Patrick Staver en Wilma Kalf
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 10,5Twan van Deursen
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 11Bas Dirkson
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 11,5Paul van Tuijl
TuesdayStarting 19:00Group 12,5/13 (1 group)Rob Janssen  
TuesdayStarting 19:00Extensive IntervalHenk Vos
Tuesday20:15-21:30Interval training on trackTon Jacquot
Wednesday18:30-20:00Interval training on track after warm-up outsideDion Liebrand
Wednesday19:00-20:30Interval training KarpendonkFrank Vol fen Simone Wories
Wednesday19:00-20:30Interval training on trackGerard Vermeulen
Wednesday19:00-20:30Interval training on trackAd Peeters
ThursdayStarting 19:00Interval trainingTwan van deursen, Hans den Ouden en Patrick Straver
ThursdayStarting 19:00Long distance runPaul van Haaren
Thursday20:00-21:30Interval training on trackAllard van der Meer, Bad Dirkson, Ben van der Plas

Running sessions on the weekend

Saturday8:30-9:30Running session from athletic trackDion Liebrand en Margot Adriaans
Saturday8:30-10:00Long distance run from trackYolanda Knops, Gerard Vermeulen
Saturday9:30-10:30Recreational running training on trackRob Janssen, Sandra Maatsen, Theo Wijsman
Saturday9:30-11:00Forest training with Joe Mann for tempo group HM<=2uAllard van der Meer, Bad Dirkson, Twan van Deursen, Patrick Straver, Dries Christiaens
Saturday10:00-11:30Forest training with Joe Mann or from sport park for tempo group HM<=2uFrank Volf, Hans den ouden, Margot Adriaans, Dion Liebrand
SundayStarting 9:00Long distance run from trackHans den Ouden en Joop Quick

4. Training for the disabled

The trainings for people with disabilities, for prosthetic runners with a lower or upper leg amputation (contact persons Daphne van Asten and Xander van Doorn) and Racerunner trainings (contact person Anne Marijke Voets) have resumed.

Tuesday19:00-20:30Athletic trackProsthetic runnersRunning training for people with lower/upper leg amputations.
Thursday19:00-20:30Athletic trackProsthetic runnersRunning training for people with lower/upper leg amputations.
Friday17:30-18:30Athletic trackProsthetic runnersTechnique and endurance training with Racerunners

5. Training sessions for walking groups

The training sessions for the walking groups have commenced again, according to the schedule below. Gatherings and start locations will be shared through the trainers.

Monday9:30-10:30Nordic WalkingAround 4 km at the speed of 3-4 km per hour
Tuesday19:00-20:30Endurance walkingAround 7 to 8 km at the speed of 5-6 km per hour
Thursday9:30-10:30Sportive walkAround 4 km at the speed of 3-5 km per hour
Saturday9:30-10:30Sportive walkAround 4 km at the speed of 3-4 km per hour
Sunday9:30-11:00Endurance walkingAround 7 to 8 km at the speed of 5-6 km per hour


Competitive Athletics

Competitive athletics encompasses all athletics disciplines. This includes events on the track, events on the road, jumping and throwing disciplines and the decathlon/heptathlon. Running events such as sprinting short, middle and long distances such as the marathon are well known. The hurdles, relay and steeple chase are also part of it. The 4 jumping events: the long jump, high jump, pole vault and the triple jump are part of all championships. The shot put and hammer throw, discus and javelin throw complete the sport of athletics. Are you curious about competitive athletics at our club and do you want to know more about it please contact Ad Peeters .


The sprint is a popular part of athletics. Almost everyone in the world knows Usain Bolt and most Tv viewers are attracted to the 100-meter final at the Olympics. Sprinting seems very simple; just run as fast as possible from the start to the finish. However, there is a lot to it, including technique, strength, frequency, agility, and fitness. That is why Eindhoven Atletiek has two groups where you can sprint: as beginners and as advanced runners. Do you run fast and do you want to become even faster? Then come along because sprinting might be just the thing for you!

Middle Distance

Any athlete who would like to train competitively or recreationally for middle distances (800m-5000m) is welcome in our mila groups. In the winter, we mainly run cross country and in the summer the focus is on track races. In between, we catch the occasional road race.
Our youngest athletes are 13 years old and the oldest are masters, which means they are older than 35 years. We have several people from each age group and from each performance level, who you can join in training. The low threshold makes it easier for anyone to join. A competitive mentality and training discipline are very welcome, but above all the fun in the beautiful running sport is most important. We also organize training weekends, which in addition to training are also just fun.

Long distances

Running in our long-distance groups combines enjoyment and socializing with a professional approach, targeting distances from 5 km up to the marathon and beyond. Having fun while running is key to improving your performance. All trainers have a lot of experience as runners and trainers which they use to get the best out of the athletes. Targeted personal schedules are tailored to the level and wishes of the athlete. Training together, racing together is important and many athletes train at least four times a week.

Jumping and Throwing disciplines

Every discipline of the heptathlon or decathlon are practiced at Eindhoven Athletics. Experienced athletes and trainers, often with international sports experience, provide these trainings.
The jumping events (long jump, high jump, pole vault and triple jump) and the throwing events (shot put, hammer throw, discus and javelin throw) are on our program.


Fun in sports

You can’t learn it early enough. We enjoy playing sports together in different age groups, from mini pupils to A Juniors. Here all forms of athletics such as jumping, throwing, sprinting and running are practiced (in a playful manner). We encourage training together and participating in competitions together. In the summer children can compete in track events, in the winter in indoor competitions and cross-country races. Come and join Eindhoven Atletiek, it’s great fun!

Everyone can do it

We have a thriving youth department. A large group of youth trainers and helping parents provide many weekly training sessions that take place on our athletics track. The pupils get an all-round training; all disciplines of athletics are practiced in a way appropriate for their age. By getting acquainted with all the disciplines of athletics you can discover your talent. From the juniors (12 years and up) you can specialize. Of course, training for the decathlon/heptathlon is also possible.

Give it a try!

Children can join Eindhoven Atletiek from the age of about 6 in a group called mini pupils (see table “Division of categories” at the bottom of the page). At Eindhoven Atletiek, children can join at any age and participate immediately, throughout the year. Athletics is a very versatile sport, so we want to give you ample opportunity to see if it’s something for you and which disciplines suit you best or appeal to you.
Lately we have received many new registrations, especially for the pupils group. We’re almost reaching the limits of our capacity, both in terms of track occupation and in terms of trainers and assistants. We must therefore now work with a waiting list for new pupils (born in 2010-2014). For the juniors (born in 2002-2009) we still have room for new members. For more information, please contact Bieneke Bauling .

Training times for youth

Below is a compact overview of training specifically for pupils and juniors. Look elsewhere on this site for an overview of all training times.


Tuesday18:00-19:00Athletics TrackPupil, A,B,C & miniGeneral athletic training with a focus on throwing, jumping, sprinting and running
Thursday18:00-19:00Athletics TrackPupil, A,B,C & miniGeneral athletic training with a focus on throwing, jumping, sprinting and running
Saturday10:45-12:00Athletics TrackPupil ATraining for advanced pupils (in consultation with trainers)
Saturday10:30- 11:30Park (Departing from track)Pupil A, B, CPlayful running training off the track


Monday18:00-19:30Athletic TrackJunior B/C/DGeneral athletics training
Tuesday18:00-19:30Athletic TrackJunior DGeneral athletics training
Tuesday19:00-20:30Athletic TrackJunior A/B/CShot put
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior A/B/CMila (middle long distance) Training
Tuesday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior A/BSprint training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior B/CGeneral athletics training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior B/CHurdles training
Wednesday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior A/B/CJavelin throw
Thursday18:00-19:30Athletic TrackJunior DGeneral athletics training
Thursday19:15-20:30Athletic TrackJunior A/B/CShot put & Discus
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior A/BSprint training
Thursday19:15-20:45Athletic TrackJunior A/B/CMila (middle long distance) Training
Saturday10:45-12:00Athletic TrackJunior A/B/C/DVarious trainings
Saturday10:30-12:00Departing from TrackJunior A/B/C/DRunning training in the park and forest


For training after the fall break and for competitions as of November 1, 2020, the following category divisions will be applicable to the youth.

PupilsYear of BirthJuniorsYear of Birth
Mini Pupil2014Junior D2008, 2009
Pupil C2013Junior C2006,2007
Pupil B2012Junior B2004, 2005
Pupil A2010, 2011Junior A2002, 2003


Throughout the year we organize several activities. Below are links to the corresponding registration forms.


There are specific training groups at Eindhoven Atletiek for athletes with disabilities. Athletics is a very versatile sport, so we want to give you plenty of opportunity to see if it’s something for you and which sections suit you best or appeal to you. At Eindhoven Atletiek you can participate immediately, throughout the year. If you are interested in one of these training sessions, feel free to come and watch one!

Specific Disciplines

There are various athletes with disabilities at Eindhoven Atletiek who train in discipline-specific groups. For example, disciplines like long jump, shot put, discus or javelin throw. Also in the recreational running groups there are athletes with disabilities such as visual impairment.

Athletes with prosthesis

We offer training to runners with a prosthesis, under the supervision of physiotherapists. You shall work towards your personal goal in consultation with both trainers and in cooperation with your own prosthetist. This goal can range from improving your running technique on the daily prosthesis to improving your time on the sports prosthesis during a half marathon. This great diversity of individual goals determines the character of the training where the fun in moving with a prosthesis always comes first. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is running training on the track. Training starts at 18:30 and lasts until 20:00.


Every Friday from 17:30 to 18:30 Eindhoven Atletiek organizes a training with Racerunners. The Race run training sessions are suitable for children, teenagers, and adults with a motoric (and mental) disability who use a wheelchair or a walking frame in their daily life. A racerunner looks like a tricycle but without pedals. A walking movement can be made with the legs while the racerunner carries the weight and provides balance. During the training sessions, in addition to various running exercises, other athletic elements such as vortex throwing and shot put are also offered.

We have one racerunner of each size in our possession at Eindhoven Atletiek. Most of the athletes have their own racerunner. We thank the Foppenfonds, the NSGK, and the old granddads with whose help we purchased the Racerunners at Eindhoven Atletiek.

More information

If you want to join in or have other questions, please contact para-atletiek@eindhovenatletiek.nl for more information.


The recreational running group is an important and big part of Eindhoven Atletiek. This group includes about half of the members of Eindhoven Atletiek

Training takes place every day of the week in many different groups for all the levels. There is always a group where you can join either as a beginner or an advanced runner. All training sessions are supervised by trained trainers to ensure proper training and prevent injuries. As such, much attention is also given to running technique, muscle strength and posture. Click here for training times.

Performance runners

We have “performance runners” at Eindhoven Atletiek. These are the enthusiastic runners who want “something” more than just recreational running. They are the motivated runners who want to improve their performance in a more challenging training program. Besides running, the atmosphere in the group is also very important.

You can get more information about this group via Bas Dirkson.

From start to finish

You can also enroll in the running course “From start to Finish”. It starts several times in a year. In this course, new and novice runners are trained for 6-8 weeks to run a certain distance. Write to start@eindhovenatletiek.nl for more information about this program.

Competitions and activities

Besides the races we organize ourselves, there are races organized in the region every week. These are races organized for runners on the road and through the woods. Click here for the races organized by Eindhoven Atletiek or to which Eindhoven Atletiek actively contributes. Click here for the activities organized by Eindhoven Atletiek.  On www.inschrijven.nl you will find the almost complete overview of competitions in the Netherlands.

Want to try out for a month as a prospective member?

Register as a prospective member via this link and then come to the training sessions or contact Rob Janssen and Sandra Maatsen. If you conclude it is not for you, you can cancel within a month without any costs.



Eindhoven Atletiek wants to offer lifelong sports for everyone. Running puts a lot of strain on joints and muscles. Therefore, several members choose to practice one of the forms of walking. We have several forms of walking. Look here for training times.

WalkingSportive WalkingEndurance walkingNordic walking
DistanceApprox.. 4 kmApprox. 7-8 kmApprox.. 4 km
Tempo3-5 km per hour5-6 km per hour3-4 km per hour

For information on hiking, please contact Henri van Limpt.  (tel 06 1380 0655)

Sportive Walking

Sportive walking is meant for people who like to exercise but also want to take it easy. These walking programs have a low-threshold structure. Therefore, almost everyone can participate in these programs. Limitations such as rheumatism, osteoporosis, diabetes, neck and back pain, etc. are not an obstacle but rather a good reason to participate. The aim of this walking activity is to maintain mobility, muscle strength, balance, and equilibrium. It also improves fitness. For information about sportive walking, you can look at this page or contact Thera van der List or Belinda van der Sluis.

Endurance walking

For people who like to exercise, but also would like to do something more than just walking there is the endurance walking. There is a short warming-up session with athletic exercises. After this, a long walk of 1,5 hour is made at a steady pace. Attention is paid to the walking technique, and we conclude with a short cooling-down. More info.

For endurance walks, please contact Joke van de Vossenberg.

Nordic Walking

Everyone, from young to old, can participate in Nordic Walking. The concept of Nordic Walking is simple and practical. The power of this concept lies in its simplicity. You just have to do it in the right way. Nordic Walking is more than walking with sticks!

On the one hand, the sticks evoke a resistance that you must overcome. You train your torso and your arms more. Legs are somewhat less taxed because the sticks provide extra support and stability. It is therefore a perfect workout for the whole body. Nordic walking puts your whole body to work while having fun with others in the open air. Motivation to do it is the most important aspect here. Mail to Ruth Cicilia or see this page for more information.


KWBN has a program called “Wandelfit”. We start this program a few times per year. In this program, walkers who are beginners are trained in 12 weeks towards their own goal.

If you want more information about the program, please visit www.wandelfit.nl or contact Hans van Baarle (click here)


In this overview you can find the competition schedule for 2021.
Competitions from this region can also be found on the site of Atletiekregio14.
For more road races, please visit Hardlopen.nl
For more track events, please visit Atletiek.nu

DateDescriptionMore information
8 May 2021Mutual competition 
19 septemberClub Championships 
26 septemberONK Para Athleticinfo
19 october 2021Clubcross 
28 november 2021Mispelhoefloop 
2 januari 2022Genneperparkloop 


Eindhoven Athletics organizes activities and meetings.

Coffee evening

On the last Tuesday of every month, there is a coffee evening for our members in the canteen. While enjoying a free cup of coffee or tea and snacks, we celebrate the birthdays of our members. We also celebrate their achievements.

Athletics Café

Eindhoven Atletiek regularly organizes lectures and workshops on the sport of athletics and related topics. Keep an eye on the site and social media for the dates.

Planned activities:

16 April 2021FridayPub Quiz
5 June 2021SaturdaySeasonal Walking
11 juni 2021FridayGroots met een zachte G  
12 juni 2021SaturdayGroots met een zachte G  
13 juni 2021SundayGroots met een zachte G  
15 juni 2021TuesdayGroots met een zachte G  
18 juni 2021FridayConconi test running
11 juli 2021SundayBarbecue
16 juli 2021FridayConconi test running
1 augustus 2021SundayTest/Trainings run
22 august 2021SundayTest/Trainings run
4 september 2021SaturdaySeasonal Walking
14 september 2021SundayTest/Trainings run
10 september 2021FridayCooper test
19 september 2021SundayClub day
24 september 2021FridayLichtjes route running
1-3 OctoberFriday-SundayYouth Camp
19 november 2021FridayTonproaters Gala
10 december 2021FridayConconi Test running
11 december 2021SaturdaySeasonal Walking
26 december 2021SaturdayChristmas Brunch



Eef Kamerbeek Atletiekcentrum
Sportpark De Hondsheuvels 

J.C. Dirkxpad 7
5631 BZ Eindhoven

Canteen Eindhoven Atletiek
Phone number: 040 78 55 609

Mailing address secretariat
Eindhoven Atletiek
Postbus 1171
5602 BD  Eindhoven

Member administration
Eindhoven Atletiek
t.a.v. Ledenadministratie
Postbus 1171
5602 BD  Eindhoven

General Bank account number
NL18 RABO 0115 2439 76

Account number for contribution
See page contributie

General Mail address




Eef Kamerbeek Athletics Centre
Sportpark De Hondsheuvels
J C Dirkxpad 7
5631 BZ Eindhoven

Arriving by car

Coming from the direction of ’s Hertogenbosch

On the A2, just after crossing Best, keep left towards the direction of Helmond, Eindhoven Centrum. Follow the direction of Helmond, Eindhoven Centrum. On this road (Kennedylaan) take the exit Orpheuslaan, Europalaan. At the end of the exit turn left onto Orpheuslaan. After approximately 500m you will find sports park “De Hondsheuvels” on your right hand where the Eef Kamerbeek Athletics Centre is located.

Coming from the direction of Helmond

At the end of the N270 (Eisenhowerlaan) turn right at the “Berenkuil” on to the Insulindelaan (the ring road). At the first traffic lights, turn right and immediately left again so that you are on the service road next to the ring road. Follow the service road until you see the back entrance of the athletics track on your right. You can also drive to the main entrance. You must then drive through to the traffic lights and turn right there. At the end of this road turn right again and after approximately 300m at your right hand you will find the entrance of the sports park “De Hondsheuvels”, where the Eef Kamerbeek Athletics Centre is located.

Coming from the direction of Weert

At junction Leenderheide drive straight on, following direction Eindhoven Centrum (Leenderweg). You cross the Floraplein and turn right at the second traffic lights after the Floraplein, direction Geldrop. You are now on the Piuslaan (the ring road). The Piuslaan changes into the Jeroen Bosch laan and later into the Insulindelaan. You continue to follow the Insulindelaan until immediately after the Berenkuil (on this traffic circle you go straight ahead). At the first traffic lights after the roundabout, turn right and immediately left again so that you are on the service road next to the ring road. From here you can follow the directions coming from the direction of Helmond.

By public transport

By train at Eindhoven Central Station.

Walking to the track:

From Central Station one can reach the athletics track by a walk of 20/25 minutes

By bus to the track:

From the central station take bus line 4 direction Heesterakker.
This bus also follows the red dotted line. You need to get off at the hospital Maxima Medisch Centrum.
Then walk to the entrance at the ring.
Bus trip takes about 5-7 min.

-> Departure time of the buses can be checked via www.hermes.nl.
-> Departure stop: station Eindhoven
-> Arrival: Maxima Medisch Centrum Eindhoven hospital
-> For exact bus departure times click on: www.hermes.nl

For general travel information go to www.9292ov.nl.